The John Andrew Apprentice of the Year award honours the memory of the late John Andrew who was the Association’s inaugural Life Member and a winner of the A.L. Chantry Memorial Award for the Pursuit of Excellence. Eligible apprentices employed by MLAA Business Members in Australia and New Zealand are invited to participate in this competition which involves a number of practical and theoretical tests covering:

This fantastic competition is proudly sponsored by LSC, Silca and ABUS. This is the 14th year in a row that they have sponsored this event and we are most appreciative of their continued support.

The winner and their Mentor receive a fully funded trip to visit the Silca factory in Italy and the ABUS factory in Germany. This is a truly wonderful prize, and it gives the winner and their Master the opportunity to tour two world-class manufacturing facilities.

The winner of the Award for 2019 will be announced at the Gala Dinner & Awards night.

The Albert L. Chantry Award

The A.L. Chantry Award recognizes Members who have either served as Directors in an honourable and dedicated manner, or who have made significant contributions and/or given consistent and worthy service to the Association’s aims and objectives.

This Award is not presented annually, however, it will be presented at the Gala Dinner & Awards night.

The recipient is a New Zealand locksmith and Business Member who continues to support the industry, especially the next generation of locksmiths.


Lock & Key, Keyline and EVVA have always been great supporters of the MLAA and the locksmithing industry, especially through our TAFE Colleges.

The Future of Locksmithing Award is an annual award co-sponsored by Lock & Key, Keyline and EVVA, as well as new sponsor La Gard.

It comprises an annual contribution to each of the TAFE’s, and it consists of equipment to be used for training our locksmiths of the future, and ensuring Apprentices have access to the very latest security technology.

Since 2010, Lock & Key, Keyline, Evva and now LaGard have donated over $175,000 of equipment to our Tafe Colleges.

The 2018 contribution included a Keyline electronic key machine, an EVVA Airkey starter kit from EVVA, and a Kaba Axessor electronic safe lock kit from La Gard, all valued at over $54,000 wholesale value, which equated to $13,500 for each TAFE facility.

The 2019 award is yet to be finalised, and will be announced at the Conference Gala Dinner.